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New 2022 Fall Album Release – The Long Way to Mars EP

We’re back at it again with another Missouri Mobile Production release coming this month! That’s two now for this year, plus a short-film and who knows what else! With a planned release for 11/11/22, the latest Missouri Mobile Production takes things in a new direction.

If you recall from an earlier update, the moniker Dr. Williams has been officially retired from use with the release of JELLY-Fi. Much like the DJ R Dubz handle before it, which was the name I used for DJing and releasing mixtapes, the name Dr. Williams has served its purpose and it is time to move forward with just my name, Richie Williams.

The Long Way to Mars EP features seven tracks all ready to stream and enjoy. Growing from previous releases, this EP tells a unique story through experimental hip-hop sound design. Opening with the short and bouncy Guitars and Spaceships to the wild closing, I Do It For The Likes this album is a quick listen at only 19ish minutes but is packed with enough punch to keep you hitting repeat, The Long Way to Mars EP is a fresh visit back to the old beat machine that rockets you into the future.

Stay updated on social media for the release of The Long Way to Mars EP and any many more updates and releases from MMP!

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