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More Music!

That’s right! I am dropping these EP’s like crazy this year. This time with some Columbia Sessions.

Spending a few nights away from home you will find that you need something to do late at night in the hotel. So I brought my beat making machine with me and crafted a few tracks and tossed them together as the Columbia Sessions EP.

Stream the Columbia Sessions EP now for free and watch out for more coming this way!

New 2023 Summer Album Release – Rotting Planets

When this planet doesn’t feel like it’s the right place to be anymore and you find it rotting itself out, what do you do? I’ll tell you what you do, you fire up your rocket ship and blast off into space in search of something new. Exploring new views, new sounds, and new worlds, MMP is back at it again with another experimental EP release coming this summer!

New 2022 Fall Album Release – The Long Way to Mars EP

We’re back at it again with another Missouri Mobile Production release coming this month! That’s two now for this year, plus a short-film and who knows what else! With a planned release for 11/11/22, the latest Missouri Mobile Production takes things in a new direction.

If you recall from an earlier update, the moniker Dr. Williams has been officially retired from use with the release of JELLY-Fi. Much like the DJ R Dubz handle before it, which was the name I used for DJing and releasing mixtapes, the name Dr. Williams has served its purpose and it is time to move forward with just my name, Richie Williams.

The Long Way to Mars EP features seven tracks all ready to stream and enjoy. Growing from previous releases, this EP tells a unique story through experimental hip-hop sound design. Opening with the short and bouncy Guitars and Spaceships to the wild closing, I Do It For The Likes this album is a quick listen at only 19ish minutes but is packed with enough punch to keep you hitting repeat, The Long Way to Mars EP is a fresh visit back to the old beat machine that rockets you into the future.

Stay updated on social media for the release of The Long Way to Mars EP and any many more updates and releases from MMP!

Jason Beware Trilogy Comes to an End

This summer we wrapped production on the final installment of Jason Beware. The Friday the 13th fan-film that started out as a fun day at the park turned into a full fledge short film production has finally coming to an end.

Released October 1st, 2022, Jason Beware 3: The Curse is a frightening hilarious take on the beloved Friday the 13th franchise. We could not be more proud of the cast and crew for all of their hard work on this film. Be sure to check out some behind the scenes photos on the Jason Beware Facebook page and give us a like on YouTube!

Watch the entire trilogy below or browse through the menu to view other awesome content here at Missouri Mobile Productions!

New 2022 Summer Album Release – JELLY-Fi

The next Dr. Williams project is ready for release! On June 18th, 2022 Missouri Mobile Productions will be streaming a brand new album of Lo-Fi instrumental beats, JELLY-Fi by Dr. Williams!

This five track album features experimental lo-fi hip-hop productions surrounding energetic sounds and snippets strategically arranged to provide an adventurous sonic story. Thematically, this album represents a relationship falling apart between two individuals. Starting with the smooth and relaxing A Sunshine Rainy Day, you find the lovers pinned in by a rainstorm that keeps their love focused on each other. By track 2 you can feel the air of love slowly become deflated as Come Back to Bed signals the start of the deteriorating relationship. It’s Never Worth It features a viral voicemail showcasing the mask of sanity slipping away and morphing into My Girlfriend Shot Me. The track was created after a true life story of a girlfriend shooting her man that was told to Dr. Williams which helped inspire this entire project. The final track Secret Footsteps features the hip-hop artist Logic performing his track Buried Alive over new production by Missouri Mobile Productions. While blends are not as popular as they were 20 years ago, this new take on a classic mixing style proves that JELLY-Fi is a unique as the artist behind the project. A short 15 minutes is all that is needed to take you on this new adventure by Dr. Williams and Missouri Mobile Productions.

This album also ends the use of the title Dr. Williams as a handle for production. After 10 albums it is time to retire the moniker and begin using a real name. The next chapter of Missouri Mobile Productions is evolving with the rest of the world and a part of that is moving towards branding that is more in line with what MMP is today. With ten albums, Dr. Williams has produced some phenomenal beats and curated some of the best sounds you can find on this side of the Mississippi. Be sure to check back as there is definitely more music on the way this fall. As always, Missouri Mobile Productions is only interested in creating amazing art within these sounds. It’s not about earning, it’s about creating.

Stay updated on social media for the release of JELLY-Fi and any other new updates and releases from MMP, including older content revitalized and remastered for the next era!

20 Years of MMP

Created in 2002, Missouri Mobile Productions has been going strong now for 20 years. Producing content for artists, authors, and other amazing creators for two decades has been a phenomenal experience and MMP cannot wait to see what the next 20 years brings.

For MMP’s 20 year anniversary, expect to hear new music, see new updates added to the portfolio sections of the website. Along with new content created in 2022, early Missouri Mobile Productions content will also be making an appearance in some fresh ways.

I cannot wait to share with you what is in store. Stay tuned.